All the elements for a perfect Christmas

“Use your senses and enhance your emotive side, which makes you appreciate quality”

Emiko Kato


Choosing gifts for our loved ones is not always an easy task. Now, we can reinvent our approach to a luxury gift rediscovering old and noble fabrics, while truly appreciating the beauty of quality.

cable throw

Cablé is a very soft and elegant throw, in a cotton and alpaca tricot knit, a sort of pullover for the bed, ideal for a cozy nest during a cold winter night.

multi throw

The precious alpaca yarn is transformed into a soft bouclè knit, becoming Multi, a melange throw, with a contemporary look. Versatile, eccentric with a fashionable look.

Bath linens

In the bathroom, the griffé cotton becomes the ideal fabric for Tow bathrobe, while a sophisticated cotton and linen mix with a jacquard pattern is used for the extra-light towels, Flos and Galles.

flo scarf

Even one of the most traditional Christmas gifts, like a scarf, is the right occasion for exploring new and precious textile combinations. A silk (30%) and cashmere (70%) blend become the warmest and softest of all clouds.