Linen sheets

A modern interpretation of linen

Linen sheets are fresh in the summer and warm in the winter, regulating in an optimum way the body’s temperature. The froissé linen utilized by Society Limonta is one of its most appreciated fabrics. It’s a comfortable fabric, suitable for any season for its thermoregulation properties.
Linen is one of the most ancient and classic fabrics. Society Limonta has reinvented it in a more modern version, maintaining its traditionally soft and delicate feel together with its hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities, for comfortable but contemporary linen sheets.

All Society Limonta linen sheets are machine washable at specified temperatures (usually never more than 40°) and don’t require ironing. In this way, the fabric remains strong and vigorous and the colours remain brilliant and beautiful for a long time.

Rem linen sheets are a true best seller. Made in froissé linen, a creased linen by Society Limonta, and available in all neutral colours and seasonal palettes, for a wide selection and endless combinations.

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