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Categoria letto

Society Limonta bed linens represent a non-conventional luxury style. Different colours and fabrics matched together to create personal and unusual combinations.

Sheets, pillowcases, blankets and quilts become the expression of a new concept of bed linens. Traditional fabrics like linen, cotton and wool live a new contemporary life thanks to innovative and particular manufacturing processes.

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There are also the new textile suggestions for the table by Society Limonta. The new linen tablecloths that allow tone on tone or contrasting combinations with the wide selection of napkins, or with their special patterns, which recall and mix all the colours of each collection.

Society Limonta offers different possibilities, while exploring the whole range of products for the table, from tablecloths to mats, to runners and napkins of all sorts to the kitchen accessories.

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Society Limonta’s bathroom collections create an intimate and personal environment, where anybody can rediscover a pleasant wellbeing.

Compact and light linen towels, soft cotton or linen terry cloths, waffle weave towels, are all part of our innovative bathroom collection. All available both in standard and seasonal colours.

Categoria accessori

Society Limonta expresses its casual luxury even with its accessory collections. You can find bags and scarves all made with the most sophisticated fabrics.

Handy and versatile bags, are by now an indispensable travelling item regardless the final destination, town, city or seaside. All scarves combine precious fabrics, like silk or cashmere, to the new shades and tones presented with each collection.