Shipment and delivery


  • The prices of all products sold on the website include taxes, rates and customs charges.
  • The prices are indicated in Euro (EUR) in shipments to all countries of the European Union, as well as European countries not belonging to the European Union, such as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia.
  • The total price shown during the purchase process includes the fixed price shipping costs indicated in point 4.5, and applicable taxes and rates.
  • The prices of the products may be updated. The Customer is required to check the final sale price when sending the purchase request.
  • Shipping costs, including the total cost shown in the basket during the purchase process prior to confirming the order, are charged to the Customer in a fixed amount equal to:
    • € 10.00 for each order to be delivered in Italy, including the islands.
    • € 20.00 for each order to be delivered in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Luxemburg, Great Britain and Switzerland.
    • $ 60.00 – € 60.00 for other countries.



  • The Seller is not required to ship the products until it has received full payment for the same.
  • The products will be delivered by the courier selected by the Seller (hereafter, the “Courier”) to the address provided by the Customer in the order proposal, and the Customer or its delegate will be required to sign for delivery.
  • For security reasons, the Seller does not make deliveries to post office boxes or by placing the products in letter boxes or similar places.
  • The purchased products will be delivered by Courier from Monday to Friday, thus excluding Saturdays, Sundays and local and/or national public holidays. Deliveries are made at the latest within 30 days from the date of finalisation of the contract or by a different deadline that may be agreed with the Customer (except where cases of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances occur, such as the suspension of the work or sudden faults with the machinery and other events outside the Seller’s control that may make impossible or delay the delivery within the agreed terms).
  • Shipping times depend on the shipping Country:
    1. ITALY: 1-3 working days;
    2. EUROPE: 1-2 working days;
    3. AMERICA: 2-5 working days;
    4. ASIA: 2-5 working days;
    5. OCEANIA: 6-8 working days.
  • If the Seller does not fulfil its obligation to deliver the products by the deadlines established in point 6.4, the Customer may invite the Seller to make the delivery within an appropriate additional term of ten days, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code at Art. 61.
    If the purchased product is not delivered within the additional set term, the Customer is entitled to terminate the contract immediately.
  • The risk of loss or damage to the products is transferred to the Customer when the Customer or its delegate materially enters into possession of the product.
  • Where, on the other hand, the loss or damage of the products is directly attributable to the Seller, the latter will proceed to replace the product free of charge, subject to the express request of the Customer to be sent by e-mail to Customer Services.
  • Upon delivery by the Courier, the Customer is required to check:
    1. that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the delivery note;
    2. that the packaging and identification tags are intact and not altered or damaged in any way;

    Any damage to the packaging and/or wrapping of the products or lack of correspondence of the number of packages must be immediately disputed by the Customer in writing on the Courier’s delivery note. Once the Courier’s document is signed without any dispute, the Customer may no longer object regarding the characteristics of what has been delivered.