Look "Black and White"

For those who love graphic patterns even in the bathroom, our shades from white to charcoal grey will never be boring, but always maintaining a rigorous allure.

The new COCO towels create a strong tactile experience, enhanced by a melange effect. Inspired by certain tailor-made fabrics they can be defined a real “tailor’s outfit for the bathroom”. Solid colours and a mix of different fabrics, from the waffle weave LIPE to the terry cotton CRISP to the griffè cotton TOW, complete the look.

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look black and white

LIPE TOWEL SET – optional

N° 1 set ( 2 items ) | Color: antracite

LIPE TOWEL SET – optional

N° 1 set ( 2 items ) | Color: marmo

CRISP TOWEL SET – optional

N° 1 set ( 2 items ) | Color: bianco

TOW BATH TOWEL – optional

N° 1 set ( 1 items ) | Color: fumo
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coco towel set


A new couture collection for the bathroom. Coco towel set is an overdyed towel in jaspé cotton, with fringed borders. It draws its inspiration from traditional tailor-made fabrics, which have become real fashion icons.Coco towel set is a true tactile experience increased by its melange effect in different colour combinations, making them the perfect match with any solid colour. We think of it as a sort of “tailor’s outfit for the bathroom”, an unconventional and chic towel that didn’t exist before. 100% COTTON cm 60×100/cm 40×60 – 23″x39″/15″x23" 312 gr./mq.


Lipe towel set joins two bathroom classics joins two bathroom classics, linen and waffle weave, for a new and unexpected experience. Linen is a natural, hypoallergenic, highly absorbent fabric, which in this case is woven using the traditional waffle weave pattern. This technique produces a light and three-dimensional fabric, while increasing its absorbency.The particular texture of this pure linen fabric allows for a light and pleasant scrub on the skin. Lipe towel twin set is available in all standard and seasonal colours. 100% LINEN cm 40x60/cm 60x100 - 23"x39"/15"x23" 167 gr./mq.
Crisp towel set


Cotton terrycloth, the most famous bath towel fabric. Society Limonta now reinvents a great classic, usually seen in white or very intense colours, in a new and unusual manufacturing process which makes it dense like velvet, but light, soft and very absorbent.Crisp towel set is very soft and given its decreased volume, it also has an extraordinary yield. Available in the characteristic desaturated colours of both seasonal as standard colours. The garment dye colouring process enhances the natural quality of the cotton terry while creating one and only shades. Crisp can be easily washed by machine, and doesn’t require ironing. 100% COTTON cm 40x60/cm 60x100 - 16"x24"/24"x39" 320 gr./mq.
Tow bath towel


Tow bath towel is the latest cotton creation by Society Limonta for the 2017 Spring/Summer collection. Its cotton griffé texture makes the fabric soft while giving a nice consistency at the touch. Tow bath towel dries very quickly after use. It can be matched to its companion in the same colour or mixed with other shades of colour. Ideal also for the beach or the pool. A very ductile and fresh fabric, created for the warm season and available in all seasonal and standard collection colours. 100% COTTON cm 100x145 - 24"x57"