Look "Pink Dream"

For rose-tinted dreams! The must-have look for Spring 2018 teams sweet pink with vibrant lychee red.

Brightened by the stylised flowers of the NAP ASTER printed pillowcases, the SATEN linen and cotton satin sheet is paired with the REM linen and the NITE extra-fine cotton. Completing the bed are LOSE, the blanket in light wool gauze, and BIG, the sumptuous throw in net weave Jaspé wool.

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pink dream look


N° 1 set ( 2 items ) | Color: verbena

REM SHEET – optional

N° 1 set ( 1 items ) | Color: verbena


N° 1 set ( 1 items ) | Color: ghiaccio
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Nap Aster pillow cases


Thin double-colour lines trace the delicate floral pattern on Nap Aster pillow cases. In printed ramie, these pillow cases are part of the new 2018 spring/summer collection. A real accessory for the bed, available online in two different colour versions. Nap Aster pillowcases can be combined with any solid colour or to other prints from the same collection.Society Limonta chooses a dry and soft, but natural fibre like ramie for these pillow cases, with a particular manufacturing process that creates a very refined type of voile. Nap Aster pillow cases are a fresh and light combination of colours for the next spring/summer season.Each set come with two pieces. 100% RAMIE' cm 50x80 - 20"x31"
Saten bed sheet


Saten bed sheet is the new fashion item for the 2018 spring/summer, a real garment to dress the bed. Saten is a cotton and linen satin sheet, making it very sophisticated but raw at the same time. Compared to traditional sheets, which are bordered with a stitched hem, Saten has a peculiar finishing with a fringe all along the borders. An innovative finishing for a summer and fresh bed.Saten is semi-shiny with a soft and silky touch on one side, while the other side has a dry and matt feeling of linen. Available in the permanent and seasonal colours. Saten bed sheet is a practical sheet that can be easily machine washed. 60% LINEN40% COTTON cm 270x290 - 106"x114" 120 gr./mq.
Rem linen sheet


Do you remember the old, heavy linen of the past? Forget it. Rem sheets are made with a softened linen in contemporary colours, finished on all four sides with a wide border, which gives them a traditional, soft feeling. Rem is a froissé fabric, an “evergreen” by Society Limonta, an excellent example of how you can give a new design ‘attitude’ to even the most traditional of fabrics.Rem sheets perfectly match all bed collections and are ideal for any season. They can be easily washed and don’t require ironing. The wide colour range is all garment dyed, a colouring process that gives a natural effect to each garment, highlighting the qualities of the fabric. 100% LINEN cm 270x290 - 106"x114" 172 gr./mq.
Nite sheet


This extremely smooth, thin and light cotton fabric (70 grams/metre) has become one of the favourite materials for several of the Society Limonta home couture collections.The Nite sheet is made from an extra-fine cotton - Italian grandmothers call it “egg skin” for its extreme softness and resilience.  It’s both very practical and a soft, uplifting embrace around your body.  The sheets can be machine washed at 40°, are fast-drying and don’t need to be ironed.Thanks to the wide colour range, Nite Sheets can be matched to all the bed collections, but they go particularly well with froissé linen, both from a colour point of view and for the typical mix & match style that is at the heart of the Society Limonta philosophy - a love of combining different types of fabric and shades of colour. 100% COTTON cm 270x290 - 106"x114" 74 gr./mq.
Lose blanket


Lose blanket is ideal as a light layer of colour on your bed, or as a delicate, three-dimensional bedspread.Its wool gauze is the ideal fabric for the spring and summer seasons. In the cooler evenings, Lose can be overlaid with heavier and warmer fabrics.A very open texture gives volume to the fabric, while keeping this blanket very light.A delicate woollen web with a textured feel, it gives a pleasantly natural touch to the bed. Lose blanket is available in all neutral shades and in a selection of seasonal colours. 100% WOOL cm 220x240 - 87"x94" 92 gr./mq.
big throw


Big throw is a jaspé wool net with a strong tactile feeling. The summer version of the bouclé throw comes with a loose and wide knit, with fringed borders. Big is a dry and light plaid, which confers the right warmth for the season, and completes the bed with its soft volumes. It can be used at the foot of the bed or on a sofa.Thanks to its garment dye colouring process, it acquires shape and volume, with one and only shades of colour. Available in all neutral and seasonal tones, Big throw can be matched to all permanent and seasonal collections. 100% WOOL cm 160x210 - 65"x82" 290 gr./mq.