Society Limonta Ceramics


Society Limonta Ceramics is a new and innovative collection of ceramic tableware produced in a limited edition by Society Limonta. It originates from the same desire of exploring new matters, which has always characterized the unique and refined home couture collections by Society Limonta. Artisanal handcrafted ceramic pieces, which complete the textile collections for the table, adding a natural and sophisticated touch.



Society Limonta Ceramics obviously had to be influenced by the textile world. Onda and Buto are two collections of dishes with a pure and minimal design, made in Limoges ceramic and stoneware in a warm and neutral colour palette, from a sandy beige to a white cream shade.

Some pieces have a pleasant inner texture, created by applying a linen gauze over the soft clay, which gives an interesting visual and tactile feeling: a delicate fabric effect imprinted into the ceramic surface.

The stoneware dishes are made with a particular finishing known as “terra sigillata”, based on a very ancient technique very rarely used in our days, which allows to create matt surfaces with a characteristic tactile experience.

Every single piece is strictly handmade with artisanal care. The exact opposite of mass-market production: unusual manufacturing processes, never banal nor standardized, which each time produce one and only pieces created by Italian artisan masters.

The new ceramic collection by Society Limonta designed by Beatrice Rossetti, multiplies its possible combinations playing with the fabric of a tablecloth or the best quality porcelain, mixing the nuance of a place mat with the colour of a saucer, or the soft consistency of fabric with the shape of a dish.

A concept applied also to the catalogue, which highlights the impact of pure and natural shapes with an amusing bi-dimensional and three-dimensional game.

The collection includes soup dishes and dinner plates, saucers and small houseware items like cutting boards/ trays; the salad serving flatware is combined with a series of dessert plates, light and delicate as paper, decorated with a particular low relief on the border.

Society Limonta Ceramics is available only in flagship stores and online at


To create stoneware you must skillfully blend certain natural clays. Then this mix must be brought at a very high temperature (1200°/1300°C), transforming it into a very particular type of ceramic, called “vitrified”.

Society Limonta uses for its stoneware collection a warm colour palette, sablé colour, obtained by hand colouring with “terra sigillata” the vitrifying clay conferring a characteristic irregular feel to each single piece.


Limoges porcelain

Porcelain is the most noble type of ceramic. A long kept secret that China maintained for almost eleven centuries (from the VII to the beginning of the XVIII century), even longer than the manufacturing process of silk. Silica, feldspar and kaolin (very abundant in the Limousin area in France) are the “magic” ingredients for porcelain. Society Limonta added to these ingredients its creative touch – “terra sigillata” which gives a contemporary twist to this precious artefact.