Society Limonta @Design Week 2017

fuorisalone 2017

Bright & Dark

A Society Limonta home is alive 24 hours a day, transforming itself minute after minute under the natural or artificial lighting. For the upcoming Fuorisalone 2017 the textile installation, Bright & Dark, exploits this concept style, just as a cursor on the screen exploring maximum brightness and darkness bringing them to their extreme possibilities.

society limonta fuorisalone 2017

This is not just a simple Black and White, the Made in Italy textile brand, has never been so strict with its colours. Its philosophy implies shade and hues and desaturated tones even for the most classic of all contrasts, the non colours par excellence. Black is never completely black, but might become a charcoal grey, a clean, elegant and silent “shade”; or the glare of light on linen, wool and cotton fabrics, might give life to new unexplored shades of white. Even in the absence of colour,the variety of fibers, textures and volumes express their richness and endless opportunities for light.

Two different sets, for two different homes. One total Bright, the other one total Dark. One next to the other in Society Limonta showroom in via Palermo 1, located in Brera, the heart of the Design District in Milan. These two monochrome stories can be easily read as night and day, since night is the total negation of light, while day brightens up our existence with its light.

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