Society Limonta

Dress your home like you dress yourself

Society Limonta was founded in 2000 to create innovative home couture solutions, exploring a range of colours and manufacturing processes for table, bed and bathroom linens, as well as a limited line of indoor and outdoor garments.

The brand’s strong fashion heritage has transformed the idea of home couture, opening up a new way of thinking about interiors that allows us to dress our homes as if we were dressing ourselves.  A mix & match approach to colour, pattern and fabric invites customers to cultivate their creativity and communicate their own personal style through their homes.

Driven by a passion for innovation and a love of design, quality and colour, Society Limonta constantly experiments with new fabric combinations and ways of making; their unexpected pairings of weaves and colours create an understated and thus unconventional luxury.

Society Limonta gets its “perfect imperfection” signature style by using garment dye across all products.  This allows the fabrics’ natural characteristics to come through and means that each piece is unique, nuanced by variations in colour and tone.

Never settle for anything less. This is Society Limonta’s very straightforward philosophy. It means being daring and experimental, carefully selecting the best of fabrics, discovering new and unusual textile combinations that have never been tried before and using singular manufacturing processes, like the application of garment dye, which creates one-off pieces – because every shade of colour is different, every time. An exclusive fabric, a precious yarn, a brand new colour: for Society Limonta these will never be the end of the process, but rather stops on a long journey of continual exploration.


Society Limonta manufactures its products in Italy through Limonta Group, its historic parent company based in Costa Masnaga. Founded in 1893, the company’s knowledge base and manufacturing skills – accumulated over the years – are an incredibly strong asset.  Society Limonta can continually re-edit and update these assets, thanks to new creative, technological and experimental insights.

Limonta Group has developed a deep textile culture, becoming a point of reference for the most important apparel and home design companies. They began developing fabrics at the end of the 19th century with their tapestry and jacquard collections, followed by gobelin, matelasse and velvet manufacturing. Since then, Limonta Group has grown and developed, acquiring new skills across the textile industry.


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Why Society Limonta?

Launching in 2000, the idea of creating high design solutions for household linens answered a demand for a creative alternative to the existing consumer offer and developed the idea of allowing customers to ‘curate’ personal home couture collections.  The Society Limonta team’s enthusiasm for creating new and innovative solutions is as strong today as it was at the outset.

Materials and Creations

Society Limonta works with customers to make initial suggestions for textile combinations, guiding them towards bespoke solutions.  This might mean picking a double cotton voile sheet with a jacquard pattern and combining it with an extra light cashmere and silk double face blanket, with a solid colour on one side and a melange on the other; or setting a table with a heavy linen tablecloth with fringed borders in a solid colour, or with a slightly faded tone; or personalising the bathroom with waffle-weave, linen towels – compact and light at the same time – or in a micro, waffle-weave cotton, soft as velvet; or using the brand’s classic products, like the linen sheets, or the extra-fine cotton “egg skin cotton”, as Italian grandmothers call it: these are just some examples of how you can be inspired by the past to create a contemporary “design” look.


The Team

As its name suggests, Society Limonta suggests a concept of “collectivity”, a community of individuals who cooperate, each making their own contribution. Thus, instead of identifying the brand with just one personality, Society Limonta really represents the importance of sharing and working in team: a group of people who actively participate in the creative and production processes.