Every story weaves its plot, and when it’s Society Limonta perhaps even more than one. The Made in Italy home design brand combines and matches different fabrics and colours at every new home couture seasonal collection, giving a new and richer meaning to its mix&match creative style. Their freestyle philosophy of mixing and matching fabrics and colours, as for fashion design, explores each time new styles in the interior design world, creating unusual and always different homes.

Thousand of homes in one house. Bedrooms, tables and bathrooms change theur style at each switch of season, weather or simply at any change of mood.

Society Limonta Ceramics is a new and innovative collection of ceramic tableware produced in a limited edition by Society Limonta. It originates from the same desire of exploring new matters, which has always characterized the unique and refined home couture collections by Society Limonta. Artisanal handcrafted ceramic pieces, which complete the textile collections for the table, adding a natural and sophisticated touch.

Society Limonta Ceramics obviously had to be influenced by the textile world. Onda and Buto are two collections of dishes with a pure and minimal design, made in Limoges ceramic in a warm and neutral colour palette, from a sandy beige to a white cream shade.

The new ceramic collection by Society Limonta designed by Beatrice Rossetti, multiplies its possible combinations playing with the fabric of a tablecloth or the best quality porcelain.

Society Limonta Ceramics is available only in flagship stores.