UFH – Unidentified Flying Hanger


“Attractive… but what is it?”

Directly from Society Limonta archive, here you are the idea for the Salone del Mobile: do you remember it?

society limonta clothes hanger


It goes by the name of UFH – Unidentified Flying Hanger. Views as to what it is might include a sculpture, a stylized animal, a Japanese ideogram, a boomerang, a parenthesis.

As seen by Martina Bartoli, the very young designer whose brainchild it is, it is also a clothes hanger.

gruccia society limonta

An unpainted handcraft product in solid ash wood, UFH is characterized by gentle curves and slenderness, as if drawn by the single stroke of an ink quill.

At once elegant and practical, Society Limonta clothes hanger blends in perfectly alongside the other creations from Society Limonta – all those tasteful home “garments” for which it will provide a welcoming support and which will softly envelope it. It is as if creativity applied to homewear had founfd in this object its natural extension: light, silky, and almost impalpable.